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Clatter is a café in Frostburg, MD. We serve specialty coffee and espresso with care, as well as tea and other drinks. We have a delicous menu of real-food cafe fare. Indoor and (limited) outdoor seating, chill vibes, and an often-eclectic live music schedule. Hang out or take out.


Add Flavors to Anything - 50₵
Housemade syrups: Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut
Natural: Honey, Molasses, Maple Syrup (S&S Maple Camp)
Sugar free: Vanilla, Caramel

Milks: almond (.50), soy (.50), oatly (.75), ½&½ (.50), full cream ($1), whole, skim

Clatter House

Drip Coffee

Clatter House

Seasonal dark roast: Full-bodied, smoky, chocolatey.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $2.25 / $2.50

Single-Origin Feature

A lighter, more complex roast of beans from a single location (not a blend).

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $2.25 / $2.50

Caffe Latte


Caffe Latte

A double shot of espresso with velvety micro-foamed milk.
Make it mocha, vanilla, caramel, maple, molasses, honey, hazelnut, sf vanilla, or sf mocha for 50¢.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $3.5 / $4

Tea Latte

Your choice of tea, incorporated with steamed milk.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $3.5 / $4

Chai Latte

House-brewed organic masala chai tea with vanilla syrup, cinnamon, and steamed milk.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $4 / $4.5

Dirty Chai Latte

A chai latte, as above, but with a double shot of espresso.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $4.25 / $4.75

Purple Haze

An Earl Grey, Lavender, and vanilla tea latte: Like a London Fog with Lavender and vanilla.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $4 / $4.5

Matcha Latte

Instead of espresso, we make your latte with organic matcha and steamed milk, lightly sweetened with real local maple syrup. Matcha is ground, young, shade-grown green tea leaves.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $4 / $4.5

Golden Turmeric

Instead of espresso, we make this latte with a wholesome home-made blend of turmeric, honey, coconut oil, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $4 / $4.5

Ginger Beetroot

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $4 / $4.5

Double Shot


Double Shot

A double shot of espresso.

(~2 oz.) ... $2.5


Equal parts espresso and steamed milk in a 4 oz. rocks glass.

(4 oz.) ... $3.5


Double shot of espresso and 4 oz. of velvety micro-foamed milk.

(6 oz.) ... $3.5

Caffe Brevé

Like our cappuccino, but made with steamed half-and-half instead of whole milk.

(6 oz.) ... $3.5

Café au Lait

... $3


A double shot of espresso poured into piping hot water.

(12 oz.) ... $2.5

Iced Coffee

Cold Coffee

Iced Coffee

Our house dark roast served cold with ice.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $2.25 / $2.5

Iced Latte

A double shot of espresso poured over ice and milk.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $3.5 / $4

Cold Brew

A special blend of coffees, cold-steeped in-house for 24 hours, for a rich, smooth, very strong cold drink.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $3.5 / $4

Minky Swoop

Our take on a Vietnamese street coffee: our cold-brew, sweetened condensed milk, and half and half served over ice.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $3.5 / $4

Organic House Tea

Organic Tea / Iced Tea

Organic House Tea

Black, Green, Chamomile (CF), Hibiscus (CF), Chai, or Yerba Mate.

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $2.25

House Iced Tea

Green or Black, unsweetened. (Others iced to order)

(12 oz. / 16 oz.) ... $2.15

Other Interest

House-made Sodas ... $3
OJ ... $2.25
Steamer ... $2 / $2.5 / $3
Milk ... $1.75
Hot Chocolate ... $2 / $2.5 / $3


Toasted Bagel w/ Spread


Toasted Bagel w/ Spread • V

Choice of plain bagel or “everything” bagel. Cream cheese: plain, fresh herb, cran-rosemary. Also: butter, olive oil, peanut butter, jam.

... $3

Breakfast Bagel • V

Choice of bagel, fried egg, cheddar, chopped bacon, caramelized onion. No bacon, $6.

... $7

Bagel w/ Lox

Choice of bagel with light schmear of cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, and pickled red onion. Open face.

... $11

Open Faced Breakfast Bagel

More! Two halves of toasted bagel, each topped with fried, cheese, and caramelized onion. Add bacon optional.

... $11

G.O.A.T Bagel

Toasted plain bagel, chèvre, honey, blueberries & cracked black pepper.

... $8.5

Clatter Breakfast Cup

Cheesy corn grits topped with fried egg, cheddar jack, and caramelized onion. Add bacon for $1

... $7

Avocado Toast • V

Sourdough bread topped w/ avocado, roasted red peppers and lime, finished with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Sub gluten free bagel for $1.

... $6.5


Large slice of crustless quiche. Additional ingredients vary. Served with hot sauce and crème fraiche.

... $8

Yogurt Parfait • V

Layers of yogurt, housemade berry jam, topped with granola, honey, and fresh fruit or jam.

... $6.5

Big Mo’

Full breakfast in a sandwich: grilled sourdough stuffed with two eggs, bacon, cheddar, and caramelized onion. Served with chips.

... $12

Clatter Grilled Cheese • V

Grilled sourdough bread with cheddar and caramelized onion. Add bacon $2.

... $7

Cream of Crab Soup

Famous cream of crab soup only available 1st weekend of the month. Add bacon $2.
Available hot or cold-to-go.

... $9

Pots de Crème

Super-rich house-made French custard topped with maple syrup and a hint of coarse salt.

... $8

Kids Yogurt w/ Jam • V

... $6


Check out some past performances on our YouTube page.
(All shows start at 7pm unless otherwise noted).

June 05 Church Folk - earnest local indie folk trio
June 26 John Francis O’Mara - country roots rock radical, RVA
July 02 Jazz Night: Tomajito, local jazz fusion 6-8
July 17 Junk Mountain: americana on homemade instruments, Hampshire County, WV
July 31 The Fly Birds: old-timey alternative bluegrass, Winchester, VA
August 07 Hannah Bingman: folk/roots/blues master songwriter, chill vibe, Central PA
August 14 Jazz Night: Tomajito, local jazz fusion 6-8
August 21 Black Guy Fawkes: local folk/punk
August 28 Gilbert Lee: ghost town americana/indie folk
Sept. 3 Jazz Night: Tomajito, local jazz fusion 6-8
Sept. 10 Matt Borror & The Hounded: local folk rock/alt country
Sept. 11 Jazz Night: Megan Jean and the KFB Jazz Tribute to Nirvana


Please click below to view Clatter’s full Google Calendar. (Note: you will have to be logged in to a Google account to add to your calendar.)

View Calendar

Travel Mug

16 oz. ceramic travel mug with logo, wooden handle, metal rivets, plastic lid.

(16 oz.) ... $30

Diner Mug

15 oz. diner-style ceramic mug with logo.

(15 oz.) ... $12


T-Shirt, tri-blend, heather gray with logo.

(XS - 2X) ... $15

Clatter House Coffee

Clatter House, seasonal dark roast, whole bean only.

(12 oz.) ... $16

Gift Card

You can send a Clatter eGift Card! It's really easy for you and for them, and kinda fun.
[Click here. Opens in new window]

Physical gift cards available in-store, or order below. Add $2 to desired amount for postage and handling.

(Refillable) ... $20+



Clatter offers free Wi-Fi to our guests. The network is “Clatter Guest.” There is no password.

Want to Stay Above Clatter?

Check out our Airbnb listing here.

Clatter Mobile Café

Bring Clatter to your event or office! Our trained baristas bring their expertise and our own modular coffee shop system to you. Put a top-notch café experience right where you want it.


Our dining room might be perfect for your event. You should check it out. In-house catering is available.


  • Please silence your devices. Please don’t play any audio out loud. Earbuds are available at the bar for $2. This includes speakerphone, audio from videos, music, etc.
  • Our environment is for our guests. We’re glad you’re here, but you’ve got to buy something.
  • Don’t bring in food or drink from other places.
  • Please keep your shoes on, and feet off of the furniture.
  • For our smoking friends, there is a cigarette receptacle between the two doors out front, and one in the back alley.
  • Clatter is a team. Tips are split amongst workers.
  • If you’re going to camp, be cool and camp responsibly.


  • Q: Who do I talk to about performing at Clatter?
    A: Send an email to with the subject heading “Music.” Include links to your music. Or drop off a recording with your name and contact info. Clatter prefers mostly original music. Non-musical ideas are welcome as well.
  • Q: Who do I talk to about having an art show at Clatter?
    A: We aren't really doing that right now, but if you'd like to talk about something in the future, send an email to with the subject heading “Art.”
  • Q: Can I hang something on the bulletin board?
    A: Yes. Please don't ask barista to do it. Board is generally for upcoming events. If an item doesn't have an event with a date, like an ad or business card, it may be taken down after a couple weeks. No offense meant.
  • Q: Can you put my display on your counter?
    A: No. We don’t put things on the counter.
  • Q: Can I hang my poster in your window?
    A: No, we don’t hang things in the window.
  • Q: How do I apply to work at Clatter?
    A: It’s kind of hard to work here, and a lot is expected, so you probably don’t want to do it. But if you do, ask for an application at the counter. If you live far away, email with subject heading “Employment.”

Our Story

Clatter opened on April 14, 2017. It was a labor of love by locals who liked living in Frostburg, and wanted to keep the good things going. Along with friends, they gutted and remodeled a hundred-year-old building, re-using much of what they took out.

The ultimate goal was to be a whole spot: a comfortable, top-notch espresso bar; a great place to eat, a great place to meet friends or find them, and a great place to listen to music. It wouldn’t be very big, but we would put our hearts into it.

The hope was that if we put our best foot forward and did a good job, then maybe people would also choose to make it their own. Maybe put their hearts into it too.

We opened the coffee shop first, making food out of a corner of the bar.

For coffee, we partnered with the not-quite-open Basecamp Coffee Roasters, and the more-established Little Amps Coffee Roasters (Harrisburg, PA). Amps really came alongside us in those first years, supplying not just great coffee, but attentive training and mentoring in all things specialty coffee.

Our first food menu was entrusted to Josh Horevay, visionary chef and longtime friend. He put together a menu that felt right for a café, but also went in some more creative directions, incorporating aspects of Appalachian regional cooking and pushing the boundaries of what we could do.

In April, 2019 we finished the kitchen. By that time, we really needed more space: both for guests and for performances: musicians had been playing in the corner all this time and we were eager to offer a better space. In busy times, guests might not be able to find a seat. So we were excited to open the up an additional room, to be both additional seating and a killer listening room for music. Stephen Manger had done all the design and almost all of the construction from the very beginning. Now it was done, and it was beautiful.

We set to work making use of all of it. By that time, Josh had moved on to open Allegania in Cumberland. The kitchen came into the hands of Steve Sullivan, who had been a steady presence within the food program through all its big changes. Parker, a barista relatively new to Clatter, was affirmed by his peers as the manager for the coffee/bar program. We also started scheduling the stage, focusing on original or old music of any kind that seemed to have life in it. That’s pretty much where we are as I write this.

Clatter is still figuring itself out. But we know we’re a crew that wants to contribute to the good of the town we’re in. We want to feel good about what we’re doing, and do something where giving-a-darn is valued. As a general rubric, we want to do good work and be valuable in the areas of Coffee, Cookin’, Culture, and Community.

The expansion began a new period of growing that we’re probably still in as you read this. Both the espresso bar and food program have a little more room to breathe, and it’s an exciting time. But, as always, the focus is on respecting every single guest, and delivering product we’re proud of and service we stand by.



Clatter Café

15 S. Broadway
Frostburg, MD 21532

7am - 2pm | 7 days a week
Text or leave a message: 240.284.3131

Please use any of these methods or the box below to contact us about your experience, about catering, renting the dining room, or interest in performing.